Who We Are | The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ

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  • Andrew Bell, Executive Director

    Andrew Bell was appointed Executive Director of The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ in March 2012. In his role, Andrew leads the organisation to achieve its vision of a world where no one is needlessly blind, working closely with staff, supporters and the Board of Trustees to ensure its success.

  • Board of Trustees

    The Board is responsible for the broad strategic direction and key policies of The Fred Hollows Foundation, and for the overall governance and accountability of the organisation. The Board meets quarterly and is currently comprised of members elected annually at an annual general meeting in May each year. Craig Fisher Board Chair Finance, Audit, Risk & Remuneration Committee

  • Gabi Hollows, Founding Director

    Gabi has been a driving force behind The Fred Hollows Foundation since she and Fred established it around their dinner table almost 20 years ago. She is the public face of The Foundation, a founding director, and patron of The Fred Hollows Foundation Miracle Club.

  • The Foundation and our achievements

    Like Fred, we have a vision of a world where no one is needlessly blind.

  • Guiding values

    Our guiding values are based on the principles and approach of the late Professor Fred Hollows, an internationally acclaimed eye surgeon and social justice activist who championed the right of all people to high quality and affordable eye care and good health.