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  • Meet Vani

    In February, a team from The Foundation’s Pacific Eye Institute visited Rakiraki, a town on the northern coast of Viti Levu in Fiji. It was there that they met Vani Vatuwaliwali.

  • Hepi

    Hepi is the pastor’s wife in a Tongan village on the remote eastern side of Tongatapu. She told us that her blindness made her feel incomplete. For years she felt unable to fulfil the duties she holds as pastor’s wife. Her husband was even considering leaving his position in order to look after her.

  • Meet Durkita

    Imagine your whole world fading to black. You know something is terribly wrong. Your eyesight is slipping away and with it your independence. You desperately need an eye doctor, but there is no one to turn to for help. You feel isolated and vulnerable, fearful of never seeing or being independent again.

  • H'Nhi

    Vietnam: When five-year-old H'Nhi was just a baby learning to crawl, her mother noticed something was wrong. “There was something white inside her eyes,” she remembers. H’Nhi’s mother was afraid, and heartbroken that something should be wrong with her baby, her only girl in a family of boys.