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The Google Homepage changes daily to commemorate notable people, holidays, events and achievements, in particular countries. This is called the 'Google Doodle' and we think it's Fred's turn. 

You can help us to get Fred's image on the Google Homepage by adding your name to the petition above.

We are asking the Managing Director of Google New Zealand, Mel Silva, to support us in this request, in time for Fred's birthday next year, on April 9, 2023. 

Dear Ms Silva, 

Professor Fred Hollows was a New Zealand born ophthalmologist and humanitarian who dedicated his life to restoring sight to people around the world. He found an undeniable link between poverty and unnecessary blindness and believed that everyone, rich or poor, had the right to quality, affordable eye care. 

This year we celebrate the 30-Year-Anniversary of The Foundation that lives on in his name. The global Foundation has helped to restore the sight of 3 million people across more than 25 countries, including the Pacific region where The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ is focused.

In his time in Australia, Fred was crowned Australian of the Year in 1990 and awarded the Human Rights Medal that same year. Since his passing he has been named one of New Zealand's top 100 history makers, among many other honours.

Fred Hollows is a pillar of goodness and represents all that New Zealand is and should aspire to be. With a new generation determined to make significant change in this world, we want to make sure that his legacy continues to live on.

Modern platforms such as the Google Doodle are a great way to gain awareness for The Foundation and we think it would be the perfect choice for the Google Doodle on April 9, Fred's Birthday. 

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