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Partnership opportunities

The Foundation is proud to work alongside organisations that share Fred's passion for improving the lot of others and ‘getting the job done’.

Payroll giving

Fred Hollows worked tirelessly to improve the health and wellbeing of people in developing countries. Photo: Michael Amendolia Payroll giving is a simple and efficient way for employees to donate to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, and have a significant and lasting impact on our work in the Pacific.

By donating directly through the payroll system, your employees can obtain the tax benefit immediately, rather than applying to the IRD at the end of the year.

Payroll giving is becoming an increasingly popular way to make a donation, with immediate benefits for all involved.

Since payroll giving was introduced in 2010, over $5.7 million has been donated to charities through payroll giving. Because the donations were made through payroll giving, these employees received immediate tax credits; they did not need to wait until the end of the year to make a claim.

Benefits for the employer

  • Build corporate leadership reputation and profile within the community
  • Contribute to employee morale and loyalty
  • Build close partnerships with community organisations
  • Low cost and ease of administration
  • Tax deductible matched giving options are available

Benefits for the employee

  • Donations made through a trustworthy and transparent program
  • Tax effective giving from pre tax dollars with no need to collect receipts and tax back immediately. If an employee makes a $15 payroll donation, only $10 will come out of their salary, as a third is given back in tax straight away. The Foundation will get the full $15.
  • Donations can be as much or as little as wanted
  • Amount of the donation can be changed and employees can opt out at any time
  • Community involvement and confidence that donations are having an impact
  • Employee flexibility - individual staff choose how much and how frequently they'd like to give, and what kind of contact they'd like to have with charity partners

Benefits for The Fred Hollows Foundation

  • Stable funding enabling longer-term program planning
  • Lower administrative and fundraising costs
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with community minded organisations.

Add The Fred Hollows Foundation to your program

 Getting started 

For more information on implementing payroll giving at your organisation, please visit the IRD website.

Already set up? 

If your organisation already has a payroll giving program, and you'd like to include The Fred Hollows Foundation as a recipient, please contact The Foundation.

The Foundation can provide regular updates on the benefits of your donations, materials for distribution such as newsletters and reports, and acknowledgements for the support of individual employees. The Foundation is available to assist in the development of your program, from launch to maturity.

Matched giving

Have you considered matching your employees' donations? One of the key motivations for employee participation in payroll giving is the fact that their employer matches donations.

As well as being a powerful trigger for getting your employees involved, matched giving is a great way to demonstrate organisational commitment to payroll giving, and to provide enhanced benefits to your community partners.

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