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Rotary partnership

“At The Fred Hollows Foundation we share a deep respect for Rotary’s variety of humanitarian service projects around the world and are very proud of our partnership,” says Foundation Founding Director Gabi Hollows.

The partnership between The Fred Hollows Foundation and Rotarians ‘Down Under’ was established in 2003, with a shared commitment to eradicating avoidable blindness in the developing world. The Rotarians are big believers in direct action and have long respected the work of Fred Hollows.

Helping The Foundation get on its feet

In 1991, Rotary International named Fred Hollows a Paul Harris Fellow. Then, in May 1993, Fred posthumously received the Rotary Award for World Understanding, recognising his pioneering medical work with Indigenous Australians and in developing countries.

Gabi Hollows accepted the award and was presented at the same time with a cheque from Rotary for US$100,000. It was this gift that enabled The Foundation to get on its feet.

Gabi Hollows has worked tirelessly for The Foundation since its inception and in 1995 was also made a Paul Harris Fellow. In 2006 Gabi became an Honorary Rotarian.

A no-nonsense approach

Fred had a vision of a world where no one is needlessly blind, and Rotary helps The Foundation keep that dream alive.

Rotary 'Down Under' has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help The Foundation continue Fred’s work throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.
 It’s a no-nonsense approach, working with communities, local partners, doctors and other health workers to get results.

Rotary Club Spotlight : Auckland East

The Rotary club of Auckland East has been a fundraising partner of The Foundation since 2007. The club generously supports our work in the Pacific, and in 2010 made a generous donation towards the establishment of the Pacific Eye Institute in Suva, Fiji.

How to get your Rotary Club involved

Your club can get involved by raising both funds and awareness for our sight-restoring work in the Pacific.

To find out more contact our Supporter Relations Team on 0800 227 229 or email the Supporter Relations Team.

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What we can do

Help keep Fred’s dream alive.

4 out of 5 people who are blind in the developing world don't need to be. Routine treatment costing as little as $25 can restore sight and hope.

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