Meet Maya

Meet Maya

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For the first time in four years, Maya can see again, thanks to our remarkable donors.

Maya, a loving mother of four, was blinded by cataracts in both eyes. 

Until now, Maya’s children have been her eyes; leading her around by hand, taking her to the washroom, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the house. Caring for their Mum was a fulltime job.

Only Maya’s daughter was also in her second year at university, studying to become a pastry chef. And Maya’s son, a self-employed fisherman, was the sole financial provider for their family. He would work nights and care for his mum in the day, but if he needed to work a day shift, his sister would have to stay home, meaning she would miss out on her classes. Sacrificing so much of their own lives, they hoped for the day that their Mum would see again.

And then

that day finally came.

Earlier this year, a team of eye care specialists at the Pacific Eye Institute in Suva, Fiji, performed a 20-minute cataract operation on Maya, restoring the sight in her right eye. A few days after her operation, Maya was able to walk up and down the stairs at home and get a drink of water from the kitchen by herself. She exclaimed excitedly that she could see the bus outside their front window, almost 20 metres away. She can see her children and is able to do things for herself again.

"I'm so happy I can see again!" - Maya 

When people donate to The Foundation, they become a part of something transformational. Without our incredible community of supporters, this life-changing day, may not have come for Maya and her family. 

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