Our 2023—2032 Strategy

Advancing the Pacific’s vision of universal access to quality eye care

Our 2023—2032 Strategy

Future Fred has been developed to chart The Foundation’s voyage with Pacific island countries over the next 10 years as we support ongoing efforts to strengthen and integrate eye health within overall health systems. Our collective Goal is Pacific people are benefitting from their own sustainable and resilient quality eye health systems. Although Future Fred is a 10-year Strategy, The Foundation is on a multi-generational journey to realise our vision of a world in which no person is needlessly blind or vision impaired, particularly given growing rates of vision loss in the Pacific.  

Our new Strategy has been guided by the Futures Thinking methodology, which has involved continual horizon scanning, including analysis of drivers of change and their impacts on eye health across a range of future scenarios. Throughout our Future Fred journey, we will continue to strive to embed this long-term, adaptive thinking to inform our Strategy’s implementation. 

The Foundation’s work with its donors, governments, and other partners over the past 20 years has enabled the development of quality eye health services in numerous countries across the Pacific and Timor-Leste. This has been possible through the establishment of specialised eye health qualifications delivered by Pacific universities, which has led to the training of 353 eye doctors, nurses, and clinicians, of which 65% are female. Currently, just under 80% of this trained workforce is actively delivering eye care in 13 countries. In total, they have delivered more than 88,000 eye surgeries and 1.1 million eye consultations with our support.  

These achievements, together with our learnings, set the platform for our 10-year Future Fred Strategy. In developing our new Strategy, we facilitated more than 100 consultations with over 50 partners and stakeholders in the Pacific that included our own staff, ministries of health, academic institutions, non-government organisations, disability groups, development partners, and regional organisations. Future Fred is a weaving of this rich dialogue with our partners’ aspirations at the heart of it, reflected in our strategic Ambitions (section D. of our Future Fred Theory of Change).  

To advance these Ambitions, we will focus our work on five Strategic Pathways (section C.): capability strengthening, partnership & collaboration, equity and inclusion, innovation, and research & advocacy. 

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Our work to support the development of the eye health workforce to deliver sustainable quality eye health services, that are embedded in Pacific countries’ eye health systems, remains the cornerstone of our work. With the generous support of our donors and partners, we will continue to work in partnership with Pacific island countries and training institutions to ensure the ongoing development of a representative eye health workforce that meets the needs of Pacific people today and into the future.

We are currently developing an adaptable Future Fred Monitoring, Evaluation, Reflection and Learning (MERL) Framework to inform our implementation as well as provide evidence of progress and accountability. We will update this page so you can monitor our progress along our Future Fred journey.

If you want to know more about Future Fred or receive a copy, please email futurefred@hollows.nz or phone 0800 227 229.

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