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Meet Siaosi

Siaosi is a 58-year-old man, from the island of 'Eua in Tonga. He always took good care of his family and was a driver for the Forest Ministry, until his eyesight gradually deserted him. By the time he came to a Fred Hollows Foundation surgical outreach in Nuku’alofa, he was fully blind and entirely dependent on his wife. He told us, "it's a lonely life". The loss of his income was a huge burden for his family to bear.

Thanks to our many supporters, we were able to restore Siaosi's sight in one eye, and not a moment too soon. An old injury in his other eye meant it was simply too far gone. Foundation-trained Nurse Luseane explained that if he’d had access to an eye clinic a few years earlier, the doctors might have been able to save the sight in both eyes.

Siaosi left the clinic with what’s known locally as the “banana smile” – his quiet, brooding face split almost in two by the power of his uncontrollable grin. He walked beside his wife--not led by her--and traveled home to see the faces of his grandchildren. Later, he went back to work and is now caring for his family again.

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What we can do

Help keep Fred’s dream alive.

4 out of 5 people who are blind in the developing world don't need to be. Routine treatment costing as little as $25 can restore sight and hope.

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