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Solomone can see once more!

Solomone can see once more!

A proud man’s sight and dreams restored

Solomone is a devoted family man whose job as a fisherman allows him to provide food and shelter for his loved ones.

But when cataracts took away his sight they also robbed him of his ability to support his family.

Solomone lives in the Pacific where there are no eye doctors who can perform the operation to remove cataracts even if he could afford it.

But thanks to your support, Solomone got the opportunity to be seen by our outreach team on one of their recent visits and doctors restored his vision with a short surgery.

When the patches came off Solomone could not contain his joy! This small miracle gave him back his livelihood along with the chance to fulfil his dream of building a house for his family.

“I don’t have words to express how happy I am, knowing that nobody needs to help me anymore. I have a new life and a vision for the future. Best wishes and love for all those people who support us.”

It’s thanks to your wonderful generosity that we were able to restore Solomone’s sight and return the independence and joy to his life.

Please donate today so we can establish ongoing eyecare services in the Pacific and give more people like Solomone back their sight, along with their purpose in life.

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