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  • ‘Ana

    We first met ‘Ana on outreach to Tonga, the day before Mother’s Day and her 80th birthday. A widow, she lived with her sister Viviena in their parents’ house. ‘Ana was wheelchair-bound and cataract blind in both eyes. Life was not easy. 

  • Meet Durkita

    Imagine your whole world fading to black. You know something is terribly wrong. Your eyesight is slipping away and with it your independence. You desperately need an eye doctor, but there is no one to turn to for help. You feel isolated and vulnerable, fearful of never seeing or being independent again.

  • Meet Angella

    We first met Angella on a surgical outreach to the Solomon Islands. At the time, she had been cataract blind for two years, and was being helped tentatively from a little motor boat by our team in Honiara. After two years of isolation, Angella relied heavily on her children and grandchildren to do everything for her --feed her, bring her water and take her to the bathroom. Desperate for help, Angella chose to make the daunting boat trip from her remote village.

  • Success


  • Adam's story

    Produced by Topic Photography Ltd Directed and edited by Mindy Yeh In September 2011, photographer James Ensing-Trussell and videographer Mindy Yeh from Topic travelled with a team of Pacific eye health professionals from The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ. 24 year old Adam lives with his wife and young son on the island of Malekula in Vanuatu.

  • Francis

  • Adam

  • Francis

    Just one day before dangerous floodwaters rose around her home in Fiji, Francis regained her sight. For the first time in six years, she was able to move around independently.

  • Jean

  • Senmily

  • H'Nhi

    Vietnam: When five-year-old H'Nhi was just a baby learning to crawl, her mother noticed something was wrong. “There was something white inside her eyes,” she remembers. H’Nhi’s mother was afraid, and heartbroken that something should be wrong with her baby, her only girl in a family of boys.

  • The Miracle of Sight

    Watch as one woman has her sight restored after nine years of blindness. Deonisia was cataract blind for nine years before she had her sight restored by The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ. Sight restoring operations take less than 20 minutes and can cost as little as $25 in many developing countries.