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    We first met ‘Ana on outreach to Tonga, the day before Mother’s Day and her 80th birthday. A widow, she lived with her sister Viviena in their parents’ house. ‘Ana was wheelchair-bound and cataract blind in both eyes. Life was not easy. 

  • May Outreach to Tonga a Success

  • Tonga

    Tonga has a significant diabetes problem, of which 80 percent was undiagnosed in a survey undertaken in 2002.  One eye health worker was worried that her country was heading for a “blind population,” due to the poorly managed nature of the disease. The Kingdom of Tonga consists of 169 low-lying coral and volcanic islands, of which 36 are inhabited. There are three main island groups - Tongatapu, on which the capital Nuku'alofa is situated, Vava'u, and Ha'apai.