Blind in both eyes for three years

Unasa can now see his wife again

The Foundation outreach team first met Unasa in Savai'i, Samoa. Blind in both eyes for three years and no longer able to walk due to diabetes, Unasa had become extremely withdrawn and depressed.

Sadly, he was one of many patients suffering from diabetes eye disease.

However, Unasa's life completely transformed days after we first met with him. We were able to perform a $25, 20-minute surgery on his right eye and restore his sight completely. As soon as his bandage came off, the change in him was instant. He seemed to not have only gained his sight, but his love of conversation. 

While Unasa will never walk again, he says this life-changing operation has given him the gift he wanted most, the chance to see his family and be a part of everything. The most touching moment of all was when he looked at his wife and said -

"Now I get to see her face again every day" - Unasa

Read Unasa's full story here

Unasa can see his family again

$25 will let others see their loved ones again too

When you read a story like Unasa‚Äôs, you will understand the incredible impact that every donation has. 

9 out of 10 people who are blind or vision impaired do not need to be. That means 9 out of 10 people are living in darkness. 

A 20-minute surgery is all it takes to restore someone's sight and bring so much light and hope back into their lives.  

Donations from generous Kiwi's like you gave Unasa back that light and hope. Your support can help others like him.

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