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Valentina sees her grandchildren for the first time

Valentina sees her grandchildren for the first time

Valentina can finally see her grandchildren

Loss of her eyesight ruined this grandmother’s life. Three years ago, cataracts developed in both of Valentina’s eyes and she became blind. This left her completely dependent on her daughter to do everything - including going to the toilet.

She could not cook, walk, go to church or do any of the basic things in life by herself. All because she lived in a remote Pacific Island community where there was no eye doctor to provide the eye care services we take for granted in New Zealand.

For three Christmases, Valentina was cut off from everyone she loved, living in a grey haze of dimly seen shapes and sounds.

Luckily, a Fred Hollows Foundation NZ outreach team visited her rural village, bringing expertise  to perform the life-changing surgery to restore her sight. After a short 20-minute operation, Valentina could see her world brightly again for the first time in years. This Christmas, Valentina will get the gift of sight, her freedom returned. Best of all, she will be able to see the love on her grandchildren’s faces once more...

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