Meet Asilika

Meet Asilika

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A devoted mother and grandmother. Asilika can now see her family clearly again.

Asilika is a very special lady, who simply loves children. She has five of her own, all of them grown up, and she has 11 grandchildren. However, her love of little ones goes even further; until recently she was also a children’s nanny at a hotel in Nadi, Fiji.

A few years a go, a cataract developed in her right eye. Unable to be treated during the lockdowns, it worsened to the point she could no longer count the fingers on the doctor’s hand when it was held right in front of her.

Everyday tasks became very hard, and even little pleasures, like reading her bible, were no longer possible. Asilika worried her second eye would develop a cataract, leaving her totally blind. She knew if that happened, she would become more dependent on her family and her days of independence and socialising would be over.

Thanks to people like you,

Asilika's story takes a turn for the better.

The Foundation was able to reboot its outreach programme in 2022. One of the first visits was to Nadi, where a team of eye doctors and nurses saw and treated more than 400 patients between 6 June and 10 June.

Asilika was not originally scheduled to be at the outreach, but she was lucky. She was one of the last patients seen, and the doctors were able to operate straight away.

Asilika arrived at the clinic with her granddaughter Ashley. Both were very nervous prior to the operation, but they needn’t have worried. The operation itself took less than half an hour. There were no complications. 

Asilika was so happy,

She couldn't contain her emotions.

When she came back to the clinic the next day to have her bandage removed, she could tell almost immediately that she had regained her sight. She began to cry, overcome by so many emotions. Looking at her granddaughter, who she could see clearly again.

The first thing Asilika did was take her granddaughter to a social down the road from their home. She wanted to show everyone that she could see again.

Since then, Asilika’s days have been busy, in contrast to her life before her operation. Every day is fulfilling, spending time with those little ones who give her so much joy. Being able to sit and read her bible again. 

Christmas was an extra special one for Asilika and her family lsst year. But there are many more like Asilika, still waiting to see their families again. 

Many of our supporters give their donation at this time of year. And you can too, helping a person who is needlessly blind to see again. 

Give the Gift of Sight today. You probably can't give a gift that is more appreciated.

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