The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

Do you know a child following in Fred’s footsteps?
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The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards are a global movement created to recognise passionate children striving to make the world around them better.

The next Fred Hollows could be a little girl, a little boy, a little miracle worker! A child with the compassion, integrity and kindness to walk in Fred’s shoes. 

Thanks to Office Max, this year all nominating schools will go into a draw to win a virtual reality headset, cube and circuit scribe pen! Our new partners, Education Perfect, will also select one school to receive a one-year free subscription, valued at $2,000. Learn more.

Nominations are now closed for 2022

Meet our previous Humanity Award nominees

Aneke Kilbride, our 2022 Junior Ambassador

Aneke Kilbride, 2021 Junior Ambassador

Aneke Kilbride from Paekākāriki School in Kapiti Coast was nominated by her Principal, Julia Bevin, for courageously taking on the local District Council about the region’s environmental footprint.

Aneke spoke at a Kapiti Coast District Council planning meeting earlier this year, telling councillors and members of the public about environmental issues and the impact they are having on the local community. She is also an active participant in school enviro ropu, which involves connecting with others in the community to learn about local environmental issues, and actions that school students can take to address these.

Julia Bevan says Aneke is a kind and considerate student who isn't afraid to stand up for what is right.

“Aneke is passionate about encouraging and supporting sustainable practices. This involves connecting with others in our community to learn about local environmental issues and actions that students can take to address these.”

Read Aneke's story


Elly Roadley, 2020 Junior Ambassador

Elly, from Whangaparaoa School, was nominated by her teacher, Hamish Ross, for her compassionate nature and selfless acts.

"Elly is a caring, thoughtful and responsible child who always puts others above herself," says Hamish. "She is always helpful towards the younger children in our school and puts her hand up to help as a playground, community and sports leader. Elly is a valued member of her classroom and always shows respect to her teachers and peers and is able to collaborate with any child, doing so without any bias or passing any judgement."

Read Elly's story

Learn more about the awards

Award information

Who can I nominate?

Any Year 5 or 6 student who has demonstrated the values of compassion, integrity and kindness. When selecting your nominees, think of specific examples of when the student has demonstrated these qualities.

Each school can nominate a maximum of two students.

When do nominations close?

Nominations will close on 16th September 2022. All nominees will receive a certificate posted to their school.

Finalists will be announced in the first two weeks of Term 4. We will also send out the nominee's certificates around this time.

What will finalists receive?

Ten nominees will become our 2022 finalists and one of these will be announced as the 2022 Junior Ambassador. All ten finalists will receive a goody bag which our partners Specsavers and Education Perfect have generously contributed towards.

What will the Junior Ambassador receive?

Thanks to Specsavers, the Junior Ambassador will extend their humanity by allocating $5000 to a Fred Hollows Foundation NZ Pacific programme of their choice to help us end avoidable blindness!

Who are Education Perfect?

Education Perfect is a complete online teaching and learning solution that offers customisable content, adaptive learning programmes, data analytics, and comprehensive insights on student learning, progress, and achievement.

Our content is designed to be engaging, to inspire students to be curious, to learn for themselves, and to achieve. Our NZ content package is created specifically for our ākonga and kaiako here in Aotearoa, and carefully weaves in elements of Mātauranga Māori alongside NZ Curriculum aligned content.

Education Perfect’s one year subscription

Education Perfect has a focus on equitable access, working to keep their platform high value and able to be utilised by a vast range of schools - but in some cases, the financial assistance simply isn't available. This is why Education Perfect have gifted a subscription and free teacher professional development for the Humanity Awards, and will select from a list of schools that they believe will benefit the most. We know that with the right tools in the hands of today's learners, the future is bright.

What can you win by nominating?

Every school that nominates a student will be put into a draw to win a virtual reality headset, cube and circuit scribe pen!

Merge VR Headset: Take 360° virtual field trips, explore the solar system, walk with dinosaurs, travel the world, and experience life from new perspectives.

Merge Cube: The Merge Cube Lets you hold digital 3D objects. Now students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts, explore a DNA molecule, investigate the Earth’s core and so much more.

Circuit Scribe Mini Kit: Create your Own Circuits Instantly! This kit offers a complete and creative introduction to the world of circuitry.

Fred Hollows' good friend, Dr Sanduk Ruit

Proudly part of the global movement

Fred Hollows' good friend, Dr Sanduk Ruit, surrounded by patients at a recent outreach at the base of the Himalayan mountains — a place dear to Fred’s heart. Image courtesy of Michael Amendolia.

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