The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards

Do you know a child following in Fred’s footsteps?
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The Fred Hollows Humanity Awards are a global movement created to recognise passionate children striving to make the world around them better.

The next Fred Hollows could be a little girl, a little boy, a little miracle worker! A child with the compassion, integrity and kindness to walk in Fred’s shoes.

Nominations are closed for this year, but will reopen next year around July 2022.

Nominations are closed

Meet our Humanity Award nominees

Aneke Kilbride, our 2022 Junior Ambassador

Aneke Kilbride, 2022 Junior Ambassador

Aneke Kilbride from Paekākāriki School in Kapiti Coast was nominated by her Principal, Julia Bevin, for courageously taking on the local District Council about the region’s environmental footprint.

Aneke spoke at a Kapiti Coast District Council planning meeting earlier this year, telling councillors and members of the public about environmental issues and the impact they are having on the local community. She is also an active participant in school enviro ropu, which involves connecting with others in the community to learn about local environmental issues, and actions that school students can take to address these.

Julia Bevan says Aneke is a kind and considerate student who isn't afraid to stand up for what is right.

“Aneke is passionate about encouraging and supporting sustainable practices. This involves connecting with others in our community to learn about local environmental issues and actions that students can take to address these.”

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Elly Roadley, 2021 Junior Ambassador

Elly, from Whangaparaoa School, was nominated by her teacher, Hamish Ross, for her compassionate nature and selfless acts.

"Elly is a caring, thoughtful and responsible child who always puts others above herself," says Hamish. "She is always helpful towards the younger children in our school and puts her hand up to help as a playground, community and sports leader. Elly is a valued member of her classroom and always shows respect to her teachers and peers and is able to collaborate with any child, doing so without any bias or passing any judgement."

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Apai with parents and other family

Apai Tatafu, 2021 finalist

Apai Tatafu, from Sacred Heart School Petone, was one of our ten 2021 Humanity awards finalists. Apai's teacher described him as a kind and warm-hearted student who will always stop to help anyone hurt or upset.

"Apai is the kind of student who always puts others first. He is never greedy or pushy but will patiently wait for others."

Apai's teacher also spoke of the pride Apai takes in his Tongan heritage. Every year during Tongan language week, he makes an effort to share his language and culture with his class. Something he has done ever since he was in Year 3.

Apai was very shy and humble on receiving the award, saying, "I was so surprised. I never thought I would even win this award."

Nikita Herewini Krebs and her family

Nikita Herewini Krebs, 2021 nominee

Nikita's teacher from Sylvia Park School teacher described her as a student of compassion, integrity and kindness, all the qualities we look for in a Humanity Award nominee.

"Nikita is compassionate towards her peers, teachers and wider whanau as she sincerely upholds their interests inside and outside the classroom."

Nikita is an active member of the school's Enviro Group, where she shows true dedication to the school community and environment. This dedication came to the fore last year during Level 3 Lockdown when Nikita went in every day to look after the school's outdoor classroom and greenhouse. She kept the seedlings and plants watered and also helped with weeding the school garden boxes.

"Thanks to Nikita, our seedlings and plants were still alive when we came back to school after several weeks of lockdown. A committed kaitiaki (guardian) of our school and is a valued member of our community."

Sari with her teachers and family

Sari Moore, 2020 Junior Ambassador

Sari, from Nelson Central school, was nominated for the empathy she shows for those around her and to members of the community. She wrote a speech on "How to be a Superhero". Reading it to the class, Sari explained that not all superheroes wear capes, but really superheroes are the ones who are kind, empathetic and caring towards others.

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Nominations for 2021 are closed

Award information

Who can I nominate?

Any Year 5 or 6 student who has demonstrated the values of compassion, integrity and kindness. When selecting your nominees, think of specific examples of when the student has demonstrated these qualities. Each school can nominate a maximum of two students.

When do nominations close?

Nominations for the Humanity Awards close on 8th November 2021.

What will nominees receive?

All nominees will receive a certificate and a select nominee will become our 2022 Junior Ambassador.

When will nominees receive their certificates?

These will be received by post in late November 2021.

What will the Junior Ambassador receive?

Thanks to our charity partner Specsavers, the Junior Ambassador will extend their humanity by allocating $5000 to a Fred Hollows Foundation NZ Pacific programme of their choice to help us end avoidable blindness!

When will the Junior Ambassador be announced?

The 2022 Junior Ambassador will be announced no later than 18 November 2021.

Fred Hollows' good friend, Dr Sanduk Ruit

Proudly part of the global movement

Fred Hollows' good friend, Dr Sanduk Ruit, surrounded by patients at a recent outreach at the base of the Himalayan mountains — a place dear to Fred’s heart. Image courtesy of Michael Amendolia.

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