Learning resources for the Freds of the future

Our Education Pack provides engaging learning opportunities based on the story of Fred and the incredible work of The Foundation

Learning resources for the Freds of the future

Teachers – guess what? Our pack contains lessons which can be taught over an entire term and it's all linked to the current curriculum.

The pack comes with a unit plan and has all the links, videos and exercises you’ll need to teach students about a variety of subjects. The work has been done for you!

This is particularly well suited to social sciences and includes:

  • What is vision?
  • What is the link between vision loss and poverty?
  • Basic anatomy of the eyes and the main causes of blindness and eye disease.
  • A look at the disparity of visual impairment in women.
  • Diabetes and its links with poverty and blindness.
  • Social action and our Pacific neighbours.
  • Who was Fred Hollows and how is The Foundation a sustainable model for developing countries?
  • Cataracts – patient studies and avoidable blindness.

We believe the school pack will open up a huge variety of relevant topics for students. The pack can be adapted and taught at all levels from primary to seniors.

Additionally, our fundraising page has heaps of ideas for the wonderful students who get out there and raise money for the needlessly blind in the Pacific. We advise you to read the Introduction with Unit Plan first. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Education Resources

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