Make a difference every month

Make a difference every month

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Join our community of Fred's Partners who are making a lasting impact in the Pacific - so that one day we won't be needed.

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What is the Fred’s Partners community?

Four out of five people in the Pacific who are blind, don’t need to be. Fred Hollows believed this was unacceptable, so do we - and so do Fred’s Partners.

Fred’s Partners are a community of monthly givers who want to continue the work that Fred started. They believe that no one should be blind if it is avoidable and are determined to help change this.

Why should I give a monthly gift?

A one-off donation allows us to restore sight and change a life.

A monthly gift means sustainable eye care services, delivered by local people who will change multiple lives - so that one day we won’t be needed.

A monthly gift....

... allows us to train local doctors to become eye-care specialists. Once fully trained they can hold numerous consultations every week and perform even more sight-saving operations in their home country.

... means we can commit to training nurses. They are the vital link between eye care services and local communities, especially in the Pacific where many people live in rural or isolated locations.

... means we can invest in building clinics. This means there will be dedicated eye care facilities with the equipment and capacity needed to help restore sight.

If you gave for 1 month, that would cover

1 cataract operation & 1 pair of glasses

If you and 4 other Fred's Partners gave for 4 months that would cover

1 set of medical textbooks

If you and 44 other Fred's Partner gave for 1 year that would cover

1 fully trained eye nurse

If you and 99 other Fred's Partners gave for 2 years that would cover

1 fully trained eye doctor

If you and 2,999 other Fred's Partners gave for 5 years that would cover

1 new eye clinic

*the above is based on a monthly gift of $30

Take a look below at where The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ works in the Pacific. You can also see what The Foundation has achieved to date thanks to the commitment and dedication of our Fred's Partner's.

Where we work

How do I join the Fred's Partner community?

Sign up to give a monthly gift, online here. It’s quick and easy and should take no more than 5 minutes.

Call us on 0800 227 229.

Email us for more information at

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