Can I visit one of The Foundation’s overseas programmes?

How can The Foundation restore sight for $25?

How many staff members does the New Zealand Foundation employ?

Why don’t you provide eye care services in New Zealand?


Are you endorsed as a tax deductible gift recipient?

Can I donate old glasses and frames?

Can I make a donation if I live overseas?

Can I see who my donation will restore sight to?

How can I cancel my regular donations?

How can I make a donation for a birthday, anniversary or funeral?

How do I obtain a receipt for my donation?

How is my donation used?

Is GST payable on donations?

What are The Foundation’s bank account numbers for donations?

What are the terms and conditions of my monthly direct debit?

Where does my donation go?

Will I be charged extra to use an American Express or Diners card for my donation?

Your privacy and communications

Does The Foundation share my details with other charities?

How do I update my personal details?

I no longer want to be sent marketing materials

Is my online donation secure?

School education and fundraising

How can I fundraise for The Foundation?

I'm a school teacher. How can I find more information about The Foundation and Fred Hollows?

Medical treatment

I have cataract/eye problems. Can The Foundation help?

Community fundraising

Am I employed by The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ to fundraise in the community?

Can I approach businesses on behalf of The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ and ask for contributions?

Can I be sent some materials to help with my fundraising?

Can I collect money outside a shopping centre?

Can I give a talk in my community about the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ?

Can I keep a percentage of the money I raise?

Do I need insurance to fundraise for The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ?

How do I give The Foundation the money I have raised?

What should I say the money I’m raising is going towards?

Will The Foundation come to my organisation to give a talk about their work?

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