Bendo's story

Bendo's story

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Completely blind in both eyes for five years. Bendo can now see his world again.

Bendo Keni, aged 56, lost his sight in both eyes in 2017, after years of worsening sight caused by cataracts. 

Bendo lived alone in Wagahuhu Village, Papua New Guinea. He had very little in the way of support. His nearest relative, his sister, lived three hours away in the mountains; the distance and the cost of travel meant she could not visit often.

Bendo's sister was overjoyed when she got the call to bring her brother to Alotau Hospital, where an Outreach Team were waiting for them. 

“I have been praying for three years for my brothers healing, so he can live his own life. The good lord answered my prayers by bringing the eye doctors from Madang to Alotau Hospital.” - Bendo's sister, Amy.

Thanks to an outreach at Alotau Hospital,

Bendo's sight was restored in both eyes.

Thanks to our generous community of supporters, Bendo can now see his world again. 

In the hospital, the team were able to operate on his left eye. Removing the cataract was the beginning of Bendo’s journey back to sight and being able to support himself again.

The next day, when his bandage was removed, Bendo’s uncle was there by his side. He had travelled to the hospital to see the miracle for himself.

It was an amazing transformation. Bendo was stunned. First at being able to see again, then at the sight of his beloved uncle, someone he had not set eyes on for many years.

“Look, look,” he cried, “I can see my uncle sitting there. I am so happy the eye doctor fixed my eye.” Both men were laughing and crying, overcome with pure joy.

One week later, Bendo’s sight was fully restored, with an operation on his other eye. When it opened, so did his world and the possibilities for a long and happy life.

Moments like these validate everything The Foundation does in the Pacific. It validates every gift we receive from people like you. 

But it does not end with Bendo. Nearly 6% of people over 50 are blind in Papua New Guinea; the hightest rate in the pacific. Eye treatment is also hard to come by because there are so few eye care workers across the country.  

We need your support to train more eye care workers, so they can return to their home communities and provide long-term, quality eye care.

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