Hesalyn's life-changing story

Hesalyn's life-changing story

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Hesalyn had cataracts in both eyes for over three years. Thanks to our incredible donors, she can now see the face of her youngest child for the first time.

Hesalyn is a 39-year-old wife and mum to five children in Solomon Islands. 

She first lost sight in her left eye three years ago and then in her right eye two years later, meaning she spent an entire year completely blind, when she didn't need to be.

“I just can’t wait to see my kids’ faces. I only know them by feel and touch. The youngest child, I have never seen their face clearly ever. I can’t see my kids. I am missing out. I can’t play with them or look after them.” Hesalyn

9 out of 10 people who are blind, don't need to be.

Hesalyn is one of these people.

Earlier this year, Hesalyn and her husband Wilfred took a two-day trip to their local eye clinic, desperately seeking help for Hesalyn’s eyesight. There they were referred to the Regional Eye Centre (REC) in Honiara, so Hesalyn could get much-needed cataract surgery to get her sight back. 

The journey to the REC was a hard decision as it was going to take five days to get there, and with surgeries and recovery time, they would need to stay in Honiara for up to two months. Because they weren't able to take all their children, they would be away from them for a long time. 

Wilfred knew though, that no matter the challenges to get there, that it would be worth it -

“Hesalyn just sits all day, crying and very sad. That is why we save to make this journey to fix her eyes. Get our life back.” Wilfred said. “We come because we need her to get well. We need the sickness out of her eyes.”

After three months of preparing for the trip, Hesalyn, Wilfred and one of their sons arrived on the main island of Honiara, where they would be staying with Hesalyn’s brother.

Finally the life-changing day

had come for Hesalyn and her family.

At the REC in Honiara, Foundation-trained Dr Pius Singeia and a team of eye care specialists performed a 20-minute cataract operation on Hesalyn’s left eye. When the bandage was removed the next day, she could see!

Hesalyn was so ecstatic, she looked around the room and over to her son, with a big smile on her face and said – “I can see your face now my boy!”

Once Hesalyn returned to her brother’s house, her nieces, nephews and other kids from the village swarmed around her, hugging her tightly. Her son seemed to be more at ease too. It was like seeing his mum look at him again, brought out a burst of energy and light. Hesalyn was so happy. The faces of her family were no longer a blur.

This is what the power of your donation can do. It brings vision back to people like Hesalyn. Thanks to our incredible community of supporters, she can now see her husband and children again.

If there is one gift you give this Christmas, please choose to give the gift of sight, so that more people like Hesalyn can see again

A little something from you, will mean everything to someone else.

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