Jone's Story

Jone's Story

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“I’m so thankful that there are people out there that care for other people’s wellbeing.” – Jone

Two years ago, Jone – a loving father to four children – started to lose his eyesight.

At his job at a local resort, he struggled to read the details of the guests. At home, he was having a hard time seeing the rugby match on TV.

When his vision became so blurry that his mum had to help him cross the street, she convinced him to have his eyes checked. At just 38 years old, Jone was told he had a cataract and without surgery, he would eventually go completely blind in his right eye.

Jone was one of the lucky ones.

Just a few months after being diagnosed with a cataract, our Outreach Team travelled to Nadi, Fiji — less than 30 kilometres from his home. His mum, who had previously had surgery to remove cataracts from both of her eyes, brought her son to the clinic.

While Jone was nervous about the operation, our skilled team of eye doctors and nurses quickly put him at ease, completing the surgery in just 20 minutes. The next day he returned to the clinic to have his bandages removed. Jone, overcome with emotion, could see again.

“Some people have to wait for so long, but I got it done so quickly. I feel so grateful. Thank you so much to the donors — it shows how good their heart is, helping someone they don’t even know.”

Restoring sight impacts so much more than one person’s life. 

It means children can go to school and get a good education. It means adults like Jone who are still of working age can return to their jobs to provide for their families.

This is what a donation means to people like Jone and his family. By restoring sight, you are transforming the lives of many.

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