Patient Stories

Raj's Story

Raj worked her entire life to care for her family but felt her blindness made her a burden.

A proud and capable grandmother, 75-year-old Raj worked her entire life to care for her family. When cataracts slowly robbed her of her sight, she should’ve been able to seek treatment immediately.

But Raj lives in Fiji, where it can be difficult to access eye care — even with money to pay for it.

So Raj lived her life in darkness and fear, knowing she had become a terrible burden to the family she loves.

When our new Mobile Eye Clinic visited her area, her life literally changed overnight — and now she can see again.

The difference between blindness and joy? A 20-minute operation, expert care, and replacement lenses costing just a few dollars.

It was thanks to wonderful people like you who funded the Mobile Eye Clinic that we can make such a difference to people’s lives.

Please consider making a donation today. Every dollar counts.


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