Patient Stories

Toese’s story

Toese relied on his eight-year-old son to look after him, which meant he couldn’t go to school.

There was nothing wrong with eight-year-old Sua's eyes. We first met him while working in Samoa and treating his blind father, Toese, for cataracts.

At just 39, Toese was completely reliant on Sua to get around, eat, and go to the toilet. Sua was his dad's eyes and was forced to stay home, watching with longing as his brothers and sisters headed off to school each day.

Thanks to our supporters, a short 20-minute surgery changed everything.

When the bandages came off Toese's eye there were smiles all round. He could see the world and his loved ones again! And Sua is finally attending school for the first time, studying as hard as he can for a hopeful future.

Giving someone back their sight is a life-changing gift for them, their family, and even their community. When you help someone see again, you're also freeing the people forced to look after them, including children and grandchildren.

No one should have to sacrifice their childhood for blindness that's completely curable.

Please help us give more blind people like Toese their sight back, and help their families have a positive and independent future. Make a donation today.


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