Patient Stories

Floyd’s story

Floyd was building a house when he got a splinter in his eye, causing a cataract to form.

21-year-old Floyd was building a house when he got a splinter in his eye. It could happen to anyone, and here in New Zealand, he would’ve gone to the doctor to get the treatment he needed.

But Floyd lives in Vanuatu, with no money for a doctor, and no eye care services in the region anyway.

His family relied on him for his strong back and cheerful nature, so Floyd kept on working. A cataract formed over the injury and he slowly lost his vision to a milky white cloud.

Floyd’s hopeful future with his family, and his plans to go to engineering school, would’ve been lost along with his vision if it wasn’t for compassionate and caring people like you.

Thanks to your donations, our outreach team travelled to Vanuatu to help Floyd and many others in need of eye care. We treated his cataract and repaired the underlying injury.

Today, Floyd’s vision is bright. And so is his future.

It doesn’t take much to change a life. Will you help us restore sight to others like Floyd who are needlessly blind? Please make a donation now — any amount will help.


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