Patient Stories

Valentina’s story

Valentina can finally see her grandchildren again after her sight-saving operation.

Valentina’s life was ruined when she lost her sight to cataracts in both eyes. She became completely dependent on her daughter for everything — including going to the toilet.

She could not cook, walk, go to church, or do any of the basic things in life by herself. All because she lived in a remote Pacific Island community where there was no eye doctor to provide eye care services.

“It’s boring, I can’t do anything.”

For three Christmases, Valentina lived in a grey haze of dimly seen shapes, cut off from everyone she loved.

Luckily our Outreach team visited her rural village. Experts in sight-saving surgery were able to restore her sight with a 20-minute operation. Just 24 hours later, Valentina could see her world brightly again for the first time in years.

Valentina was given the gift of sight and freedom just in time for Christmas. Best of all, she can see the love on her grandchildren’s faces once more.

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