Patient Stories

Vika's story

Vika lived happily on the small island of Vava'u in Tonga until she developed cataracts in both eyes.

Vika loved her life. She attended church, loved creating beautiful weavings and took long rambling walks all over her small island. Sadly, she then developed cataracts in both eyes.

In a country like New Zealand, this would be fixed with a twenty-minute operation. However, there are no eye doctors on Vava'u. Vika was forced to give up her weaving and walking and could no longer attend church.

She was forced to move to Tongatapu to live with her daughter, as she could no longer cook or look after the house by herself. Vika's daughter Tama'a had to give up her job, which she loved, to care for her mother. This placed a lot of pressure on Tama'a's husband - as the only person in the house working.

Every little thing had become complicated and there was nothing for Vika and her family to do but wait.

Once we were able to send an Outreach Team, Vika was booked in for surgery. Often patients are nervous, anxious that the operation hasn't worked. Vika had faith throughout the entire process.

"I am excited. I'm not nervous. I know the Lord has provided me with people to come and help me out. I feel at home with these doctors, they make me feel comfortable."

Vika's faith was rewarded. Her joy was unconfined. For Vika, her sight-saving surgery had been a miracle.

Visiting Vika and Tama'a a week later, the change was immediate. Vika's other daughter had come to stay. She was weaving and telling stories - laughing with her grandchildren. "I have got my life back!"

But it wasn't just Vika. Tama'a was able to get her job back, improving the lives of her whole family. That is what makes your donation so valuable.

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