Hawke’s Bay museum celebrating 25 years of community giving

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the incredible Private Museum, owned by Lex and Angela Severinson, who have been giving to The Foundation for 25 years, donating over $26,000 through their spectacular museum experience.

“The support that Lex and Angela have given to our Foundation over the last 25 years has truly been amazing,” says Jo Dowling, our Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Director.

“The reason we can restore sight to people in the Pacific is because of supporters like Lex and Angela, who selflessly give their time, effort and donations to help the needlessly blind. Thank you, Lex and Angela, you have helped us to give sight back to countless people throughout the Pacific.”

Tucked away in the rural community of Takapau, Hawkes Bay, the Private Museum has an eclectic display that includes a 1700's cannon, trebuchet and even dinosaur bones. Every piece has a story, like their flintlock graveyard gun used to protect against grave-robbers in the 1700s. Lex and Angela showcase the old weaponry and then provide the opportunity for all visitors to get involved in cannon-blasting a fence post - it’s an unforgettable day.

Lex and Angela open their doors by appointment to local school children. The proceeds from entry are then donated to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, helping to end avoidable blindness and vision impairment in the Pacific.

“We love to play with medieval siege weapons, then have people donate to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, helping blind people get their eyesight back,” says Lex. "Blind one day… seeing the next. For just a few dollars. It is the most miraculous thing in the world. It can bring us to tears. For us, it’s the ultimate ‘Win, Win’ in life.”

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