How to claim your tax credit

How to claim or regift your tax credit

For every donation you make, you are able to claim 33.33% back as a tax credit, and you can claim up to four years previous if you haven't already done so. Below we have some details on how to claim this back yourself through the IRD.

IRD process

To claim your tax rebate back,you can do this online by simply using a tax receipt - either a pdf, photo or scanned version of a physical document.

You will need a myIR login or alternatively a RealMe login.

Please note - 

  • If you make a one-off donation, you can submit the receipt given to you each time you donate.
  • If you are a regular giver/ Fred's Partner, you will receive an end of the year receipt for all your monthly donations.
  • If you have made one-off donations through out the year as well as making a regular gift you will need to supply both the end of the year receipt and the single gift receipts. 

We have put together a step by step guide for you. 

1. Register, or log in to your myIR account. If you do not have one, please take note when you are signing up that you want to be able to receive donation tax credits. You will need your IRD number.

2. Once you have signed in and are are on the home page you will see on the page, underneath 'accounts summary', there will be a 'donation tax credit' option. Click on this to begin the process.

Home page
Home page

3. This will bring up a page, which says  'Enter donation tax credit receipts'. Select to 'Add a receipt'.

4. You will need to enter the details of the donee/organisation name. This is The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ.

5. Our charity registration number is CC23722.

6. You will also need to enter our IRD number which is 060-328-560 and the amount you have donated. This has been collated on your donation receipt.

7. The form will ask what type of organisation- religious, school, kindergarten or other. For The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ this will be ‘other’. 

Then select 'Next'

8. Next you will click 'Add receipt attachments'. You can attach the receipt by saving the pdf to your own computer and uploading it. If you have a physical copy the IRD will also accept a scan or a photo of the receipt.  You will need to select the type of attachment and put in a description of the document 'eg - Tax receipt 2023'

9. Once all of the required fields have been filled you can press 'OK' to go through to the following page. This will summarise the receipt details. If it all looks correct, press 'next' again.

10. On the final page it will ask you if you would like to transfer your credit. You can press 'yes' if you wish to do so (for example back to The Foundation) and 'no' if you would like the credit to come back to you.

Then press submit

If you would like to donate your credit back to The Foundation, thank you so much! You are able to do this at the end of the online process. 

Once you have filled in all your details to re-gift the money back to the charity, select 'Submit'. Then you are done! 

Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch at 0800 227 229 or

You are transforming lives in the Pacific.

Thank you so much for your continued support of The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ. 

Thank you for everything!
Thank you for everything!
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