New Education Pack for schools

A new Education Pack is here, just in time for the new school year!

We are proud to announce the new Education Pack specifically designed for schools, guided by the refreshed progression-focused NZ Curriculum.

The Education Pack is tailored for years 5 and 6, 7 and 8 and 9/10. Each pack contains lessons that enable students to deepen their understanding of the big ideas (understand), as they explore the content (know), using critical practices (do).

Each pack comes with a lesson plan overview detailing the contents of the modules and what learning outcomes students can expect to achieve. The Education Pack is particularly well suited to Social Sciences and can be taught online or via printouts and the lessons can be taught over an entire term.

Are you a teacher? Or do you know one? Send them this information and let their Social Sciences classes be enriched with these engaging, informative, and inspiring lessons!

The Modules include teaching on:

  • What challenges do some people face in our world?
  • Who was Fred Hollows? And what is his legacy?
  • Social Action, in Action! Analysing Decisions and taking Social Action
  • What challenges do some people face in our world? And what are the consequences of this?
  • Identifying Values and Perspectives

Students will learn about:

  • Basic anatomy of the eyes and the main causes of blindness and eye disease.
  • Consequences of the lack of access to eye health services
  • Visual impairment and how it impacts women.
  • Diabetes and the link with visual impairment
  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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